Some Interesting Facts And Benefits of Onion Hair Shampoo

One of the lesser known ingredients in an Effective Hair Growth Shampoo is that of onion juice. This is perhaps due to the fact that onion, like most of the ingredients that make up this wonder product, are often associated with rotting and offending foods such as liver or raw garlic. But for those who are not afraid to try something a little more unusual for their hair loss treatment, onion juice can be a helpful add-on to a daily hair loss shampoos. Not only does it have the ability to stimulate hair growth but it also has the added bonus of being non-toxic. Read on to find out more about this wonder ingredient.

One of the reasons why onion is known to have anti-fungal properties is because of its active ingredient capsaicin. It is said that capsaicin has the ability to destroy microorganisms that causes dandruff, itchy scalp, and even athlete’s foot. For people suffering from this condition, using a hair growth shampoo that contains capsaicin can bring much needed relief. The best thing about this natural ingredient is that it is also available in an inexpensive bottle in every possible flavor and variety making it easy to add to one’s daily routine.Wash your hair with this MAGICAL ONION SHAMPOO & Get long thick hair , stop  hair fall (100% works) - YouTubeAnother interesting thing that this amazing hair growth shampoo has in its arsenal is betahydroxy acids. These acids play a major role in reducing the dead tissues and skin cells on the scalp thus preventing dandruff and itching from occurring. This means that you won’t have to suffer anymore from scalp itchiness and irritation. Plus, it also helps to reduce dullness and color of the hair. Betahydroxy acids also help to unclog clogged follicles thus allowing nutrients and oxygen to get to the roots where they are needed. In short, you can say goodbye to dry, itchy scalp.

One more great thing about onion in hair growth shampoos is that it contains caprylic acid. This ingredient is said to have anti-bacterial properties which means that it can kill the harmful bacteria found in dandruff and other skin problems. If you suffer from scalp eczema, then this will certainly help relieve you of your itching. As with many other organic ingredients, caprylic acid is completely safe to use even for sensitive skin. So if you’ve always suffered from scalp itching and other skin problems, using a hair growth shampoo with caprylic acid can definitely bring you some relief.

Last but not least, one of the most surprising benefits of an onion hair growth shampoo is that it is made from all natural ingredients. Unlike most products that contain harsh chemicals, the hair growth shampoo that is made from onion is made from natural ingredients only. These include onions, herbs, various vegetable oils, and other food items. Since these are completely natural, there are no side effects associated with them. This means that this is something you can use on your hair without worrying about any dangers or negative effects.

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