Who needs beauty salon insurance UK

Similar to other businesses, insurance is needed by hair and beauty and Nail salon. Unexpected losses may occur even if the staff is qualified or even if a business is careful. When losses occur, businesses need insurance to protect them.

In a lot of ways, beauty salon insurance UK is similar to other business insurance provided by companies like Insync insurance. Accidental damage to business property or loss of it due to theft is covered in it. It covers compensation claims made against the business. There are many optional covers that other businesses prefer to give them extra protection.

Salon insurance covers a little extra that is not covered in the standard business insurance package.

Property Insurance 

Stock and equipment insurance safeguard a business from accidental damage to the property or loss of the property in the event of a theft. The property which is to be covered include –

  •     Business premises
  •     Fixtures and fittings
  •     Other contents, stock, and equipment
  •     Computer equipment
  •     Glass, including sign written glass

Liability Insurance 

If a compensation claim is made against a business as someone believes the business is responsible for them suffering a loss then liability insurance covers such business. Liability insurance is important as liability claims may cost over £ 250,000.

The importance of liability insurance is that it involves complex legal issues and insurance can help you to handle a compensation claim and have a major impact on the outcome of the flame. Liability insurance covers the legal fees also in handling the compensation claim and any additional expenses or income loss that the claimant incurs. There are different types of liability insurance.

 Types Of Liability Insurance

 If an employee makes a compensation claim against you then the employer liability insurance covers you. This is legal if you have employees and there are huge penalties if you do business without any insurance.

Public liability insurance is the same, it covers compensation claims not by the employees but by the third parties. This is not a legal requirement but it would be not wise for a salon to do business without given the potential for a big compensation claim made against them.

Product liability insurance is also covering claims made by third parties. It covers compensation claims due to defects in products that have been sold or supplied by you.

Public and product liability insurance covers only the compensation claims which involve property damage or an injury. It would not cover the earnings loss of models as that model could not work while undergoing treatment.

Liability Insurance Extensions 

The beauty salon insurance policy must include a financial extension of loss. This extends the liability insurance cover so that it applies to completely economic losses such as these, safeguarding you if any claim is made against you.


A salon insurance policy includes a treatment risk extension. Standard liability insurance does not cover claims on professional services. The beauty and hair industry is a profession, you find yourself uninsured without this important extension. With the treatment risk extension for the claims arising from treatments, you have provided will be covered.

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