The north west of England: Liverpool – worthwhile city on the water

When talking about city trips to England , most people inevitably think of London . The capital is without question a city with a lot to discover. However, there are other cities that are worth visiting. For example, Liverpool, Manchester or Leeds are located north of London .

I went to the industrial city of Liverpool in the north-west of England, was positively surprised and must admit that I had previously underestimated the city.

Liverpool – more than football and the Beatles

Liverpool is mostly associated with football and the Beatles . Both topics are indispensable and indispensable in the cityscape. But even those who cannot be enthusiastic about one or the other will not miss out in Liverpool.

Basically, Liverpool can be explored on foot, which is especially good along the Mersey River . Those who do not want to walk further distances – outside of the center – can use the bus. Since the city is not an extreme tourist magnet like London, Liverpool is very pleasant to explore without the hustle and bustle , which certainly has its charm during a city trip.

Stroll along the Albert Dock and the waterfront

The port district with Albert Dock is a must-see . Liverpool was one of the most important port cities in England from the 18th to the 20th centuries and the home port of the Titanic. The atmosphere along the waterfront to the Albert Dock is very special. Between the typical red brick buildings that are located around the docks, it is easy to stroll and soak in the maritime flair.

In the vicinity of the Albert Dock there is an obvious Ferris wheel, the Wheel of Liverpool . Known from several British cities, it is a bit smaller than the London Eye, but still sufficient to get a nice view over the city.

Architectural highlights nicely combined

The architecture in this area by the water is also very interesting and even laypeople can see: Liverpool has achieved what many other cities cannot – combining modern, unusual architecture with historical buildings to create a harmonious picture.

At Pier Head , for example, as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Three Graces , consisting of the Royal Liver Building (with the Liver Birds on the two towers), the Cunard Building (formerly the headquarters of the Cunard Line shipping company) and the Port of Liverpool (formerly Port Authority).

British music history – from Bowie and Oasis to Adele

We definitely recommend a visit to the British Music Experience, which is located in the Cunard Building opposite the Beatles statue. Here is the British music history starting presented with the ’50s until today. Thanks to audio samples, a few exhibits and other interactive elements, you can immerse yourself in every decade and get a feel for the mood during this time – partly with political contexts.

At the end of the exhibition there is an area in which the visitor can become musically active . There is a room in which dance styles from the respective time are shown and you can “dance” yourself. There are also some musical instruments, such as drums, electric guitar and bass, which can be tried out with the help of video instructions. Definitely a must for those interested in music, you can easily stay here for half a day or more.

More ideas for a stay in Liverpool

If you are looking for another leisure activity, the so-called ghetto golf is sure to offer a lot of fun. It is an indoor mini-golf course that was built in an old brewery building and beautifully designed in street art style .

The Chinese Arch marks the beginning of the Chinese district. The colorful arch was designed by artists from the twin city Shanghai. Apart from a few Chinese restaurants, there is n’t much more to see in China Town .

Beatles fans will of course get their money’s worth in Liverpool. From museums, statues, the famous Penny Lane, the Cavern Club etc. you can discover a lot here in the footsteps of the band. Accordingly, these places, especially Mathew Street, where the Cavern Club and Pub are located, are mainly populated by tourists.

From the Liverpool ONE Bus Station you can get to other cities very cheaply and easily with coaches from national express, for example . A further journey to Manchester , which is only about 1 hour away , is an option and can be wonderfully combined as a city trip.

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