The Fuschlsee and its special features

A spontaneous short vacation in my home country took me to the Fuschlsee region three weeks ago . I had expected the usual from Fuschlsee: Pleasantly warm but not too hot water, well-kept bathing beaches and sunbathing lawns that were not overcrowded. But it turned out that the Fuschlsee is a very special lake in Austria.

When we visited the natural lido “Hof” on the first day of our vacation, I was really surprised by the sight of the lake and the surrounding area. The water is turquoise blue. It reminded me of my vacation in the Caribbean . After visiting the most beautiful beaches in the world in Mexico, I have a good basis of comparison. I really have to admit, the shallow water right by the natural lido Hof is just as turquoise blue and crystal clear as in the Caribbean. Only the water temperature differed slightly from the Caribbean Sea: The lake was almost 21 degrees. Personally, that doesn’t bother me too much, because I like to cool off on hot summer days. The Fuschlsee is perfect for this.

The area around the lake also differs from classic tourist regions, where one lido or hotel is located next to the other. From the natural lido in Hof you can only see pure nature along the shore : meadows, forests and Fuschl Castle. You are also not allowed to drive to the lido directly by car. It must be parked in the designated parking lot and the way to the lawn must be mastered on foot. It’s not too far, around one to two kilometers. In midsummer you can work up a sweat even on this short route, but the short hike at the end is worthwhile. There is no car noise and you can relax in peace.


Natural lido Hof - Fuschlsee


The natural surroundings around the Fuschlsee are of course also ideal for sports. The circular hike around the Fuschlsee is a leisurely hike . We started in Fuschl am See and circled the lake in around 3.5 hours. The great thing about this hike is that you almost always walk directly on the lake shore and thus have a great view . If you want something more challenging, you can go on the Dragon Trail hike , for example . However, since we were primarily in the region to laze around, we stayed with the Fuschlsee circular hike. The lake is so beautiful that I wanted to spend the whole day on the beach.

For us, the short break was definitely worth it. This was guaranteed not to be the last vacation at Fuschlsee . Since then, the lake has also been my favorite lake in Austria. Our next vacation then takes us to the Bohemian Forest region in Upper Austria. After so much relaxation, we want to really work off again. The Bohemian Forest should be ideal for this.

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