Mallorca is much more than a vacation island

The large Balearic island of Mallorca is a symbol of holidays in shimmering turquoise bays and delicious tapas. But the dream of a Mediterranean life also comes true for many Germans here.

Mallorca: dream vacation included

The beaches and the sea on Mallorca make vacation dreams come true for many Germans . Year after year we make a pilgrimage in droves to the largest of the Balearic Islands, which we therefore affectionately refer to as the 17th state. Last year that was just over two and a half million Germans in the period from June to September .

Based on these figures, it is not surprising that one or the other consider Mallorca as their main residence – or at least think of their own holiday property . Most people quickly dismiss these thoughts, however, as Mallorca is widely known for its high property prices. Of course, there are fantastic villas and fincas on the beauty of the Balearic Islands, but also quite affordable apartments. A closer look at the property market in Mallorca is definitely worth it

Why is Mallorca so popular?

Mallorca is pure deceleration . The Spanish Dolce Vita and the calm of the sea let you breathe deeply away from the hustle and bustle and sangria. The speed of life is immediately throttled at the sight of turquoise shimmering bays, enchanting harbors and picturesque places.

Enjoy the slowness while sailing

When sailing, progress is slower than in hardly any other sport. Even pedestrians are often faster than a sailboat. But that’s exactly why sailing is so popular and fascinates people more than ever. In an increasingly hectic society, the stress stays outside when sailing. Just enjoy the moment, let your gaze wander over the wide sea and simply come down. This feeling is indescribable when the wind blows the salty air around your nose and the lighthouse sends out its regular flashes of light. An editor from Stern describes this wonderful feeling in his travelogue very figurative. On his sailing trip from Mallorca via Formentera to Ibiza, he experienced how to consciously reduce the speed.

What sailors particularly appreciate about Mallorca is the perfect maritime infrastructure . Sure, there are many islands with picturesque bays, water shimmering in various shades of turquoise, idyllic sand and pebble beaches. But Mallorca also offers first-class and modern marinas with the associated infrastructure, which makes the island an excellent sailing area.

All year round to golf in Mallorca

In only a few destinations, golf courses are playable all year round. The Mediterranean climate on Mallorca with mild winters ensures a golf season over 365 days . The fast and numerous flight connections available also make golfing on the large Balearic island attractive. Short trips are also worthwhile, as you can be there in just two hours by plane from Germany. Around Palma, and with it the airport, you will find 15 golf courses alone. All in all, with 24 courses, Mallorca offers a wide range of options for all sorts of preferences, whether it’s a big tee in the driving range or a relaxed round on the 18-hole course.

Mallorca as a main or secondary residence

Officially , only around 20,000 Germans are registered with a place of residence on Mallorca. Unofficially , however, the number of Germans who live permanently on the island is estimated at around 60,000. The reason for the declining numbers experts refer to the Spanish fiscal policy, which since 2011 and 2012 means, among other things, the taxation of assets for foreign residents and also obliges them to disclose larger assets abroad.

Nonetheless, the Balearic Island is like no other for (at least) a second home. Many of the foreign residents appreciate the fact that, due to the very good infrastructure , they do not have to do without the usual amenities in any way. Mallorca is particularly suitable for older people due to the excellent medical care it offers. In addition, there is no language barrier , as many German doctors and other service providers have settled there.

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