Hiking in the Odenwald: On the Romerweg around Miltenberg

If the corona crisis had one good thing, it is that we all have the opportunity to rediscover much more of our own home in Germany . My home region is located in the middle of Germany in the Churfranken am Main region, somewhere between the Odenwald and Spessart – an area that is known as a pleasure region, for its wine-growing and numerous hiking opportunities.

At the foot of the Odenwald lies the small town of Miltenberg, about 70 km southeast of Frankfurt am Main, which then, as now, is more a holiday destination for retirees. But Miltenberg can do more than a boat trip on the Main and coffee in a jug – it is also the starting point for many hiking trails that allow you to discover the beauty of the region on foot.

One of them is the Römerweg (M1) , which leads you on a circular hike over the roofs of Miltenberg into the tranquility of the Odenwald.


The Römerweg: The best view of Miltenberg

The Römerweg is an approx. 14 km long hiking trail that runs above the Miltenberg old town once around the city through the Odenwald. The route offers wonderful views of the city below as well as many kilometers of cool and shady forest paths, which is why it is ideal for really hot midsummer days. But why is the Römerweg actually called the Römerweg? To be honest, this didn’t become so clear to me during the hike, as I expected visible fragments of Roman buildings that somehow didn’t show up (or maybe I just overlooked them). In any case, the Römerweg runs in parts along the ring wall and partly also over the Limesweg, hence its name.

Information board Römerweg

In total, you cover a good 450 meters in altitude, which is bearable over 14 km. Nevertheless, large parts of the route are steadily uphill, so a certain basic level of fitness should be there.

Key facts at a glance:

  • Starting point: Miltenberg market square (Schnatterloch)
  • Distance: approx. 14 km
  • Duration: approx. 6 hours, depending on how many breaks you take
  • Minimum height: 126 m
  • Maximum height: 454 m
  • Ascent (total): 461 m
  • Difficulty: easy to medium

From Miltenberg’s old town in the middle of the Odenwald

The hike starts at Miltenberg’s historic market square, the so-called Schnatterloch, on which there are a number of old half-timbered houses with beautiful facades. You can park directly opposite on the Main in the Pfarrkirche car park (free of charge).

Miltenberg Schnatterloch

From the market square, it first goes a few hundred meters along the Main promenade to the west before going up a small stone staircase on the other side of the street into Bismarckweg. Halfway there is a photo spot waiting for you, from which you have a fantastic view over the Mainschleife and the Miltenberg old town.

Römerweg View of Miltenberg

Then it goes further up and soon you are high above the roofs of the city, which finally disappears from view the further the path leads you into the forest. You will stay in the forest for a while, because the Römerweg leads you in a large loop through the Odenwald around Miltenberg. It goes steadily upwards. We take our time, take photos, take small breaks and just enjoy the peace and quiet. We don’t meet many people on the way, maybe 2-3 in total.

Roman path Odenwald Miltenberg

Do you fancy nice photos? Here I show you all my equipment. Light, reduced to the essentials and perfect for beginners:

My photo equipment *

Roman path hike

Signpost madness: As I said … Miltenberg is the starting point for many hiking trails ?

We finally reach a hill on which the forest thins out and we walk a short stretch across flat fields and meadows before returning to the cool forest.

Roman path hike Miltenberg

Roman path hike

Haagsaussicht: The most beautiful view of Miltenberg

Almost at the end of the route you finally reach the highlight of the hike on the Römerweg: From the Haagsaussicht you have another wonderful view of the Mainschleife near Miltenberg in clear weather. In the past, sandstone was mined here from 1900 to 1980 and some of it was transported down to the city by a braking train. To commemorate this time, you can find a small cart there today.

Haagsaussicht Miltenberg

Otherwise, it is worth taking a short break at the Haagsblick, there are a few wooden loungers and a hut that serves as protection in bad weather. We enjoy the last warm rays of sunshine of the day before we continue our hike and start the way back towards Miltenberg.

At the very end, another small highlight of the route awaits you with the Mildenburg – unfortunately the castle was closed for us (and we were also too broken, but we have firmly decided to come back on another day).

Mildenburg Miltenberg

Practical tips & information about the hike

The hike on the Römerweg is a circular hike mostly on forest trails. There are no climbing passages or the like, so no particular surefootedness is required. Since the hike is quite long and you also have to overcome a few meters in altitude, a little basic fitness doesn’t hurt. The start and end point is Miltenberg’s historic market square.

Equipment & definitely pack

Normal sports or hiking clothing is suitable for the hike, you do not need hiking sticks or other equipment. A pair of normal sneakers is enough for the shoes, but if you still want to wear hiking shoes I can recommend these hiking shoes * .

There are no places to stop for refreshments and no toilets on the way, so pack enough provisions yourself. There are of course cafes and restaurants in Miltenberg’s old town – but if you want to eat there after the hike, pay attention to the opening times and don’t plan your return too late. Most restaurants only have hot meals until around 9 p.m.

Recommended is the Gasthaus Zum Riesen , for example , which has been serving guests since the 12th century and is therefore the oldest inn in Germany . The restaurant also has a hotel, so you can stay overnight in the historic building.

>>> View the rooms and prices of the Hotel Zum Riesen *

Camera equipment

As always, I had my beloved Sony Alpha 6500 * with me for the hike on the Römerweg . If, like me, you occasionally travel alone and still want to have pictures with yourself on it, then I can recommend this affordable entry- level tripod * . But now I use a higher quality and more stable tripod from Rollei * . Otherwise no major photographic challenges await you on the Römerweg, so that you can just enjoy the hike and the rest for most of the time.

If you are interested in further hikes, you can find all my hiking articles here . Here you can find more ideas and destinations for a vacation in Germany.

Haagsaussicht Miltenberg

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