Going out in Amsterdam

When you think of Amsterdam, do you primarily think of slightly crooked, narrow houses, windmills and bicycles as well as canals that run through the city?

You are correct with these thoughts, but the Dutch city has much more to offer and invites tourists interested in culture and history to celebrate in Amsterdam.

Your way to the historic old town can lead you directly above the Leidseplain and encourage you to take the tram. You won’t find any parking spaces in Amsterdam’s city center anyway, which makes traveling by public transport or taxi the perfect starting point for your stay in the city.

Even on the train journey you will feel the Venetian charm and you will remember your last vacation in Italy. But it is not Venice, even if the canals and ancient houses along the Amstel give that impression.

Celebrate and have fun in Amsterdam – how and where?

Amsterdam is diverse and unique, multicultural and colorful, lively, always awake and cosmopolitan but also small-town at the same time. When deciding to go out in Amsterdam, there is a choice you need to make before visiting an establishment. Coffee shop or bar? In the coffee shop you not only get coffee and can experience Dutch culture up close.

However, what you won’t get and what you will miss when you go out is a cold beer or wine. So what to do if you enjoy the charm of a coffee shop in Amsterdam and still don’t want to go without a cool blonde? It’s best to do what the city’s locals do and decide to party in Amsterdam in changing locations. If you want to experience the Dutch smoking culture, you should visit the Bulldog Coffee Shop.

In the immediate vicinity is the city’s red light mile, which is a highlight of every tourist excursion, especially in the evening and not just for male visitors. After you have looked around the old town with almost 7,500 listed buildings during the day and visited the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Grachtenring”, you can treat yourself to a little amusement and adventure in the evening. Every route through the city offers you a new discovery.

From museums and secret churches in canal houses

Your fascination with medieval history could lead you directly to the torture museum on Damrak or to the sex museum next to it. You will pass old shipyards and will be amazed at painted gable stones or a secret church under the roof of a house on the canal ring.

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Did you know that there are over 90 islands in Amsterdam? If you tell your friends about going out in Amsterdam, you can attract astonished looks and score points with your geographical knowledge. The compact Amsterdam city center is connected by numerous bridges and can be accessed on foot from any direction.

At the Leidseplein and the Rembrandplein you can shop and enjoy, stroll and feel the pulsating hustle and bustle of Amsterdam up close. If you love flea markets, you will feel at home on the Waterlooplein. Every day between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., or a little longer in summer, you can stroll between the stands and find many extraordinary and unique things.

Chatting with the vendors is one of the things you should definitely do at the flea market – even if you don’t want to buy anything and bargain.

Between hippies and conservatives, glogs and tulips

While the 1970s generated a great deal of interest in Amsterdam, especially among hippies, squatters and dropouts, the Dutch have become more conservative today. Nevertheless, numerous backpackers still gather in the Vondelpark today and enjoy the summer sun.

amsterdam-641392_640Don’t be confused by the cranes and construction vehicles around the main train station, because in the Netherlands, road construction is mostly done at night. Everywhere you will find a colorful potpourri of people, typical Dutch goods such as glogs or tulips and gondolas, with which tourists can take a canal tour and get to know the city from the water.

No matter what excites you about the hustle and bustle in Amsterdam, you will enjoy a stay full of unforgettable experiences and get to know a culture that couldn’t be more diverse. The Dutch still mainly use their bicycles to get around or spend the afternoons in the numerous small cafes and restaurants along the canals. You will therefore mostly meet other tourists in the squares and have little contact with the locals.



Amsterdam’s nightlife in brightly lit splendor

When darkness falls over the city and shrouds Amsterdam in its shadows, the lights go on and numerous historic buildings, which during the day seem inconspicuous, are filled with music. The most popular clubs include Club 8 in Admiraal de Ruijterweg or Paradiso at Weteringschans 6-8 .

There is live music on the Bourbon Street concert stage or the cozy wood-lined The Waterhole . If you don’t want to go out in the discos and clubs, but in an upscale atmosphere and get to know the luxurious side of Amsterdam, you will find numerous hotel restaurants and night bars with strict dress codes.

Numerous lights guide you through the city and show you how versatile and varied Amsterdam is at night. For every taste and every idea for going out, you will find a variety of offers and possibilities, which you can find out about online or in the event notices of the bars and clubs.

Conclusion: In Amsterdam there are no unfulfilled wishes and no dreams that you cannot realize. If your heart beats with the pulse of this city, let yourself be carried away and stay where you like it.

You can set up camp spontaneously in numerous guesthouses and opt for cozy accommodation with breakfast. You celebrate yourself and the city, celebrate your happiness and your life without having to worry about which direction you are running and which flow with the current of Amsterdam.

Every day becomes an adventure and lets you hear the pulse of the multicultural metropolis a little louder and feel the zeitgeist, the diversity of the city.

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