Frankfurt Insider Tips: 8 things that people of Frankfurt also do (in winter)

Do you know what is totally stupid? Constantly wandering into the distance instead of simply ‘sweeping’ in front of your own front door in Frankfurt. In the past few weeks we have reported extensively on city trips to London at Christmas time or Strasbourg in winter and have only recently been from Praguereturned. That’s nice – but so far not a single article about Germany is online. And that where we are basically sitting in one of the most popular metropolises in the country, namely Frankfurt! The fact that Frankfurt is literally overrun by tourists in winter (ok, at least they are constantly standing in the way and that of course annoys us permanently stressed Frankfurters) is reason enough for us to throw out a few insider tips for Frankfurt.

To be honest, we don’t have a clue which sights you can get to see in Frankfurt as a tourist. You are probably all standing around in front of the Paulskirche , on the Römer , being carted by bus through the banking district and then chased over the Eiserner Steg to take a walk along the museum bank . Everything with at least 5 kg of cheese in your luggage, which you can find in the Kleinmarkthallebought. Correct? ? That is not bad per se and sometimes you even meet locals in these places, but especially in winter it is all a bit cold. A little too much, maybe. We have therefore put together a few cozy highlights for you, which even Frankfurters do in winter (at least occasionally). Here we go!

Frankfurt in winter: visit the Christmas market at the Römer

Yes, really now. We’ll do it. Just don’t stop at the weekend, because it’s way too full. The Frankfurt Christmas market on the Römer is one of the oldest and largest Christmas markets in Germany and is set in a great setting, which you shouldn’t miss. It is best to come before 6 p.m. on the week, everything else is borderline at least for agoraphobics. If you’ve let yourself be pushed through the Christmas market, but unfortunately haven’t gotten close enough to a mulled wine stand or a bratwurst, we have a great alternative right next door, also in the middle of the city: the pink Christmas market .This is Frankfurt’s gay and lesbian Christmas market and here is a) a little less going on and b) you are not pushed along with the flow of visitors all the time (the area is closed, so there is no electricity). There are also some really fancy drinks here, not just old mulled wine. We Frankfurters love the pink Christmas market!

Frankfurt Christmas market at the Römer( Image : “xmas time” by sam chills.

Winter highlight: the fireplace room in Eschenheimer

Now it’s getting cozy: At Eschenheimer Tor there is the Eschenheimer Tower. Sounds really exciting, doesn’t it? We thought so. So watch out: There is a bar / restaurant called Eschenheimer in the Eschenheimer Turm . There’s a room here with a fireplace that’s ultra, ultra, ultra cozy in winter. So if you are looking for a decent restaurant in Frankfurt anyway – here you are. Please reserve in advance, the fireplace room is not open every day and is often fully booked.

Drink apple wine in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen

No joke, Frankfurters actually do that too. After all, Äppler is basically our mother’s milk and it is best drunk in a proper Äppler pub in Sachsenhausen. A visit to an apple wine tavern (that’s what it’s called in High German) is definitely one of the must-see sights in Frankfurt. Whether you go to Alt-Sachsenhausen to Ms. Rauscher in Klappergass or rather on Schweizer Straße, e.g. to the Painted Houseis relatively irrelevant. Cider is cider and it’s cozy everywhere. However, there are more tourists in Alt-Sachsenhausen. The likelihood that you are sitting here next to a bunch of silly drunken Asians who are struggling at Handkäs with music or Frankfurt green sauce is slightly higher. And please avoid the absolute faux pas: do not order your apple wine with a sweet splash! DO NOT. That doesn’t exist in Frankfurt! Sour spray is ok, sweet spray is for wimps. It will be served to you (… well maybe, that’s not certain), but the landlord will hate you. In the meantime, the long-established Frankfurt innkeepers have become more tolerant here, in the past you actually flew out of the pub in some places if you ordered something sweet. The man from Frankfurt doesn’t understand jokes!

Frankfurt insider tips: Sachsenhausen

A city tour on the Ebbelwei Express

Ok, we really don’t do that all the time. It’s more of a once in a lifetime experience. But embarrassingly, most of us have actually already done that, mostly as part of some grandiose bachelorette party. And we can tell you: a city tour on the Ebbelwei Express is always fun. The Ebbelwei Express travels to all of the important sights in downtown Frankfurt, accompanied by music and alpine music. So if you don’t feel like taking the hundredth trip with the classic hop-on-hop-off bus, Frankfurt offers you a real alternative. Because we can also be funny, not always serious with a suit and such! Do you know.

Ebbelwei Express city tour

Frankfurt skyline in winter

Watch a musical in the Alte Oper

A musical in the opera? Huh? Exactly. There are no operas at all in the Alte Oper. It is primarily a building in which all kinds of events take place throughout the year and in winter there are regularly changing musicals to be seen. For people from Frankfurt who otherwise have to go to Hamburg or Stuttgart for a musical, this is definitely a highlight – if you like musicals. We recommend watching a musical in the Alte Oper, the backdrop of the traditional building alone is worth it. You can check which musicals are running here .

Frankfurt Old Opera

Warm up in the spa

It is really an indictment of the city, but until a few years ago Frankfurt did not have an acceptable thermal bath. By that we mean a cozy, warm sauna area with a little pool, a little spa, a little trallala. There wasn’t. Either you were a member of the fitness studio and had the pleasure of squeezing yourself into the only sauna in the studio with 30 other people, or you could have an exclusive sauna in the hotel’s own spa of some luxury hotel in Frankfurt at mostly exclusive prices. Or even better: drive to one of the large thermal baths in the surrounding area on Sundays by car (which many Frankfurters don’t have) and enjoy a semi-relaxed, butt-to-back sauna with around twelve thousand other guests. Oh happy day.

Since 2014 there has finally been a serious alternative in Frankfurt with the Meridian Spa in the Skyline Plaza. We (and probably you) don’t care about the fitness and wellness offer, but a sauna evening in the middle of the city is something nice in winter. The Meridian Spa has a total of 5 saunas, a sanarium, a steam bath, a large pool for swimming and a total of 4 whirlpools. And the view from the roof terrace of the evening skyline of Frankfurt is priceless anyway. But the best thing about the Meridian Spa is that it is wonderfully empty, especially on the weekend. Ha! If you can find relaxation anywhere in Frankfurt, it is here.

Meridian Spa Frankfurt

Meridian Spa Frankfurt

Meridian Spa Frankfurt

Ice skating over the roofs of Frankfurt

Speaking of the view: you can experience a special treat in Frankfurt in winter, namely the highest ice rink in Germany. This is usually between December and January on the 4th floor of MyZeil (you know, this unspeakable shopping complex in the middle of the great Zeil shopping street … this mall that Frankfurters willingly not set foot in unless they need something from Saturn or Rewe Of course, they pass the queue in front of the Hollister Store several times with a disdainful look … because it doesn’t work at all!). This institution is still fairly new, so unfortunately only here can be found rudimentary information to do so.

Watch the sunset from the main tower

And speaking of the outlook again: We assume you’ve all heard of the Maintower in Frankfurt. This is really not an insider tip for Frankfurt, but it is definitely a highlight. The main tower is actually the only one of the Frankfurt skyscrapers that has a viewing platform, all other skyscrapers are pure office buildings and not accessible to the public. So if you want to get the best possible view of the Frankfurt skyline, then you have to go to the Maintower. When? At sunset. No discussion. We’ll tell you something now: One of us works in the main tower and in winter you can see a fantastic sunset here almost every day. Sometimes it is a little weaker, sometimes it is more intense and there are days when the sky glows. Even if you’ve been sitting in your little tower every day for a few days (or years) – those are the moments when you keep standing at the window with your mobile phone camera drawn and marveling at the spectacle for minutes. And you should do that too. There is nothing better in Frankfurt! Great love. You can find all information about the main towerhere.

Frankfurt Insider Tips | Maintower at sunset

Frankfurt Insider Tips | Maintower at sunset

Was there anything there? We hope that we were able to give you some nice suggestions and maybe even insider tips on what else you could have on the slip of paper in Frankfurt in winter apart from the usual sights and highlights. A bit of freezing is still popular on the main tower and the Christmas market, but the rest sounds pleasant, doesn’t it?

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