A day in Breskens on the beach

Breskens is located in the extreme southwest of the Netherlands in the province of Zeeland at the mouth of the Scheldt in the North Sea. With a really large selection of holiday homes and incredibly wide beaches , the small resort is ideal as a holiday destination for families with children.

We are now going to Breskens again (as a family with two children). The holiday homes are located directly behind the dune or the dike of the Breskens. This means you can quickly walk to the beach in just a few steps. The holiday homes and apartments can be rented on a weekly basis through the Verhuur-Centrum in Breskens  or through large tour operators such as Roompot .

The beach between Breskens and Cadzand was massively heaped up with sand from the sea in 2010 in order to protect residents from the storm surges in the North Sea, especially in the winter months. Even if the fortification of the coastal facilities is not without controversy among the locals, it has brought  about a very pleasant property for visitors: the beach in Breskens is really very wide compared to beaches on the Mediterranean Sea . It is also suitable for sports and games as well as for long walks. The beach in the area between the ferry landing point (to Vlissingen) and the Breskens lighthouse is really nice. The beach is only divided by a row of groynes every 300 – 400 metersto break the waves.

By the way: I took all the pictures from Breskens on the extended Whitsun weekend of 2017, when many visitors from nearby countries (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg) were in Breskens. The beach is not really “full”. Below the week it means emptier?

Play and relax on the beach in Breskens

The moment I put my feet on the sandy beach for the first time on every vacation, the vacation really begins for me. Everyone can do what they like on the beach. Some play soccer, volleyball, boules or frisbee. The others rest or read. Children are of course buried in and sometimes the family’s dad has to go into the freshly dug sand pit. The very daring kite or surf.

In the summer months, the beach cafes and restaurants along the coast are usually open daily. Both in ” t ‘Halve Maentje ” or in Loods Tien  you can enjoy sheltered from the wind with a wonderful view over the Scheldt over to Vlissingen and watch the pilot boats or large ships passing by. Since the Scheldt is the connection from the North Sea to Antwerp (in Belgium), large ocean liners pass here practically at any time of the day.

Weather and tides on Breskens beach

The ebb and flow of the tide can be clearly felt in Breskens. The tidal range (difference between ebb and flow) is sometimes 4 meters or more. As a result, the beach, which is already wide, becomes about 100 meters wider at low tide. Especially when the tide is low, you can hike extensively through the mudflats.

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